The evolution of the Mashkinonje Provincial Park was brought about by special partnerships between the local communities and Ontario Parks. Mashkinonje was designated as a provincial park in 1963. The Friends of Mashkinonje were incorporated as a charity in the year 2000 and the Municipality of French River signed a formal agreement to participate in 2006.

Mashkinonje (pronounced mas-kin-onj) is native for muskellunge, one of the largest fish inhabiting the surrounding waters of Lake Nipissing. Mashkinonje is over 2,000 hectares stretching from the West Bay to the West Arm of Lake Nipissing. The Loudon Peatlands and an area along Muskrat Creek are provincially significant wetlands but there are many other fascination and beautiful spots in Mashkinonje.

In the past, local people and visitors saw the area as a name on a map. Today, Mashkinonje has 35 kilometres of hiking trails that cross bedrock outcrops to the peatlands, beaver ponds and the scenic West Arm of Lake Nipissing. A network of nine trails starting from two kilometres in length provides many hiking and snowshoeing opportunities.

The Loudon Peatland Trail is the easiest trail; the others have varying levels of difficulty up to the most difficult Coastal Trail. The first half kilometre of the Loudon Peatlands Trail past the boardwalk will be wheelchair and stroller accessible. View the newsletter section for the latest information. We invite you to come, hike and learn about the wonders of our wetlands.